Crocodile is a progressive style band from Austin TX playing some adventurous Rock and Roll. It's Prog with teeth.   

Crocodile released their highly acclaimed debut album, His Name Is Stan And He's A Bad Motherfucker, in 2018. Followed by their beautiful second album, Howling Mad Black Music Under Hot Stars, in 2019. And they are currently recording their much anticipated third album, The Tale Of Otter, Thorn Eater, And The Colored Coyotes Of Hidden City, for release in late 2023.                                                                            

"Composer and guitarist Kevin Sims has created a progressive rock opera the likes of which we have not seen in decades"

- ProgArchives

"Crocodile create a rock based Prog that incorporates a wide variety of influences that when blended together create some classic Ameri-Prog." 

- iO Pages Magazine

"Crocodile are a great addition to the Prog pantheon. This is the real deal!"

 -The Progressive Rock Files