1. I Was A Worker

The 2nd song on our upcoming album - His Name Is Stan And He's A Bad Motherf**ker.


I Was A Worker

Hem haw, still dark, no sleep, honk honk, here he is already
Hurry up, boy. I was a worker.

Truck running (just in case), diesel fumes in my face
Stir the stain, safety first, succumb to fumes. I was a worker

Wipe it down, sweep it up, this walls got to go
Lower back pain, E for effort, bitch. I was a worker

Over my shoulder a silver gaze as cold as the moon

Stan: Sure do need you to work… Forever

It’s getting late. Stan has a plan. Just 4 fingers on his hand
Fiberglass up in the attic. I was a worker

Lunchtime. Blood on the painter’s whites
Stan saw something in me. Said he could come and get me
He’s coming to get me.

Ever-sweep, one thing that never ends is this day
My back bends as Stanley grins. I was a worker

I really don’t want to be here anymore. Help me, Lord.

Stan: Sure do need you to work… Forever