(pre) Dawn Of Stan

Introduces Stan, focused and preparing in his well-lit shop in the predawn hours.


(pre) Dawn Of Stan

Before the dawn there are certain creatures of the night
Hidden out of sight. Nocturnal ones
Black cat, hungry rat, mongrel, predawn
There’s one more watched by the owl
Shop light burn bright

Stan: I got my eye one the clock
I hear every tick. Every tock
Gather the tools that I’ll need
Stan is my name and perfection I bleed.

(pre) Dawn of Stan. Gather, think, prepare while you still can
The sunlight creeps your way
Hammer speak truth!
Drivers, saws and pliers, drops unfurled
With these you’ll save the world. Stan save the world!

Stan: Tools in my belt and my hand
Rules which I do understand
Gather the cords that I need
Bound to the work and I’m freed.

Cat, dog, rat predawn
There’s one more watched by the owl
Shoplight burn bright…