1. I Am Stan

I Am Stan

Our dramatic conclusion.
Now, 25 years later, I am Stan.


I Am Stan

And when it’s Spring no more.
And when we face the score
Stan always knew and now so do you
Wake from the strangest dream
with everything due it seems
Time that had passed so slowly. Now fast

And as brightly as the shop light would burn
It’s never enough to fool the sun
Rising, setting, on and on and on
Years pass strange… Like deadlines

And when the back is sore.
And when the mind is numb
When all is done then the sleep will come
I, myself, wake from the strangest dream
With so much to do it seems
Into the past, oh so very fast

And as tightly as he tried to squeeze the clock
Not even Stan could make it stop
Lifeless, laughing, it slowly ticks away
Years pass strange… Now yesterday

Time refused to bend. Bills are due again
Dreams fly into the wind. Nerves stretched so very thin
I can’t sit still anymore. I’ll fix that board in the floor
Time sneaks under the door. I must replace the threshold!
I make a list to check on my work
I make a list to check on my plan
I make a list to check on my goals
Another list and then again
Can’t sit still anymore, floating out from the shore
I’ll perfect upon the view! All of this and more Stan knew

And as brightly as the shop light may burn
There’s nerves and fear and pain and life is hard
The same life that gave unto me this well-earned tan
The years passed. I know now I Am Stan…