Bird of fire, light the skies
Blind and dying dog, clear your eyes
Your savior is on the rise. High on stardust

You, opening the door
find what you were waiting for comes
then be both tortured and satisfied. Smiling. Howling.

Fast key. Slow lock
Screaming idle. Your slight smoothing hand
Bold Faced Devil

Your languid lines of endless curve.
1000 eyes could not satisfy
my view of you

Through your twilight garden I stumble
for just a sip of your moonlight body.
This small Eden I tend in my mind for you
Wasted fruit. Fat and sweet. I’m drunk from.

You, radiant swan dive
Me. Lost at sea and dreaming.
Falling in love most everyday, girl.

Damn my plans.
Like scattering birds they leave me here
lonely with just these words
sung low in the sun glow